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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Off hiatus 
As we emerge through the last days of August, blinking at the light, a few pieces of IDWL news (even non-MMC news!) begin to take shape....

Hospitals report that the massive August changeover went relatively well despite recruitment continuing right up to the wire - and beyond. Doctors and Trusts had to deal with considerable uncertainty and anxiety before and during changeover, although most hospitals appear to have minimised the impact of this uncertainty on patients by a planned reduction in service. Health service leaders have suggested that the decision to have all doctors change over on the same day may be reviewed for next year (Guardian).

Foundation Year 1s have lost their statutory right to on-site accommodation as of August 1st 2007, due to the repeal of ss10-13 of the Medical Act 1983 and the insertion of s10A, as announced on the NHS Employers website on 26th July. However, as most trusts had already agreed to provide this accommodation to the current intake, F1s will retain their tax exemption on this benefit until 31 July 2008, after which it will be taxable based on its cost to the Trust.

A study in the Emergency Medicine Journal suggests that doctors feel they are getting less experience in performing common procedures, due both to hours reductions and to changes in training. (Telegraph)

Women medical graduates are now outnumbering men by almost three to two, according to a BMA study. This is likely to have significant implications for flexible training and the BMA is urging the NHS to "wake up to the needs of its staff". (Independent)

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