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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Doctors' recruitment to be done locally from 2008; start dates to be staggered; consultation out on prioritising UK graduates 
Doctors' recruitment to specialist training from 2008 will be done locally by deaneries, and start dates will be staggered, it has been announced. (Personnel Today) This follows the findings of the Tooke independent inquiry, which found that the MMC/MTAS changes were "rushed and poorly communicated" and that warnings about system risks were overlooked by the government. Health Minister Ben Bradshaw has said that although "a national electronic application process is a good idea" for the future, it would need to be secure, and the scoring process and the shortlisting process should be understood by candidates. (Guardian, E-Health Insider)

There is also a consultation on whether to give priority to EU graduates. The deadline for responses to this consultation is 22nd October 2007. The document notes that few non-UK EU graduates apply to the UK and that the within-EU competition is "manageable" - ie this discussion is effectively about whether we should prioritise UK graduates. (Click the link for the consultation document.)

Meanwhile, BMJ Career Focus looks at the ethical and legal implications of HIV testing for junior doctors.

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